Bejal + Brittany | Durham engagement session

I've been so excited about sharing these images from Bejal + Brittany's engagement session last month.  During the first half of their session, we romped through the wilderness of Durham at West Point on The Eno.  We then had what Bejal deemed "a costume change" and changed the scenery to an urban locale at the American Tobacco Campus.

Even though it was the middle of summer and extremely hot & buggy, we all had a blast at the Eno.  Bejal and Brittany were down for anything, including climbing up to an overlook of the river, skipping across the red covered bridge, and taking an impromptu trip to Pelican's Sno Balls- the most colorful, fabulous sno cone place in the area!  Their enthusiasm throughout the session was delightful; every time I finished snapping photos at a particular spot Bejal would exclaim, "That was so fun!"  She even said this after the very first pose!  

Bejal and Brittany, thank you so much for embracing this engagement session and spending a whole evening with me exploring Durham and sharing a meal and good conversation afterwards.  It was great to get to know your story more, and now I can't wait to shoot your wedding next spring.  Your playful spirit is refreshing; the two of you have a light about you when you interact that makes me smile.  I hope these photos bring a smile to your face as well!