Stephanie | Creve Couer Park

While in St. Louis for my friend's wedding, I had the opportunity to shoot a private session with my childhood friend Stephanie.

Stephanie is the younger sister of Lindsay, whose bridal portraits I took on a volcano in New Mexico last summer.  They both have the same beautiful curly blonde hair and are extremely fun to be around.  Stephanie and I spent our shoot laughing about all the (innocent) mischief we got in together when kids, like throwing ice from the balcony of Aquaport and making collages of awkward-looking kids from band camp.  Stephanie and Lindsay shared the same warped humor of my own sister and I, and they remain some our favorite people to hang out with and just be ourselves.

Stephanie and I walked around Creve Couer Lake in all its desolate glory at sunset for her shoot.  The sun slowly descended from the sky into the train tracks on the horizon, and it made for a really beautiful scene.

Stephie (as my mom would call you!), thanks for hanging with me last night and letting me shoot with you!  You and Lindsay need to come to North Carolina for some beach adventures at one of the many lighthouses we talked about.  And remember:  it's not polite to throw ice!