Apple Orange Pair | New Haven classical musicians

This winter I traveled to New Haven, Connecticut to photograph the innovative new classical duo Apple Orange Pair for their upcoming album release.  After spending last summer and fall photographing wedding after wedding, it was refreshing to shoot a creative portrait session in a new setting- with a harp and a horn!

Apple Orange Pair is made up of horn player Emily Boyer and harpist Colleen Thorburn (who happens to be my big sister!)  They launched a successful Kickstarter campaign last November that will enable them to professionally record their first album by this summer.  I can't think of a pair that deserves this as much as Emily & Colleen; they are both super talented and some of the hardest-working, most disciplined artists that I know.  When they asked me to do their photos, I was honored to represent this talented pair and wanted to create promo photos that underscore just how unique and wonderful Emliy & Colleen are.

It was a fun new challenge to artfully incorporate the harp and horn in these portraits (instead of my wedding photo fallback:  "Kiss her!  Put your arm around her!")  Due to the creative nature of the content, I decided to treat this series of portrait shoots more like a commissioned commercial shoot.  I brought my fancy light kit with me to Connecticut and spent a lot of time pre-visualizing and mapping out lighting plans.  And for the portraits sans instruments, I decided to make things a bit funky at the New Haven Train Station.  This New England urban environment was really different than the rustic fields I typically use in North Carolina for shoots, and it provided me with the inspiration I needed to make photos that stand out from my ordinary wedding pics.

Apple Orange Pair, thanks so much for hiring me to do your album artwork!  I think you have something really unique to offer the classical music world, and I hope that these photos show just how talented you are.  I'm looking forward to working with Lime and Ruby on your final album design these coming months.