Lauren + David | St. Louis photo session

This February I traveled to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri to reunite with some of my closest, dearest friends.  One of those gals was my high school classmate Lauren- also known by her Korean name Haein. Lauren and I hadn't seen each other in more than six years, but it was so easy to pick up where we left off.  We spent an entire day talking about faith, our relationships, Myers-Brigg personality tests, and our various adventures abroad (check out Lauren's blog from her time spent in Korea).  We also had time to squeeze in a mini photo session with Lauren's long-term boyfriend David.

I had heard a lot about David, but it was fun to be able to meet him and shoot with this unique couple.  Even though they have dated for about a year-and-a-half, for the majority of their relationship they have lived in different countries:  Lauren in Korea and David in China (or America).  Lauren recently returned from her time abroad as an English teacher, and she and David now have had to learn how to be a couple in the same city. I loved seeing their deep appreciation for one another's presence, since it was still a newfound thing and not taken for granted by either of them.

There's nothing I love more than photographing close friends.  Not only are those images cherished by them, but they become a part of my own personal history, tokens of my meandering journey throughout this life. Lauren and David, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your story and have a random adventure in St. Louis.  La, it was such a joy to catch up with you after all these years. Your depth, honesty, and humor lifted me out of my February blues.  :)  Love you so much!