Nada + Caleb | Old Medical College of Georgia Wedding

Nada and Caleb are two of the most passionate, romantic people that I know. Their wedding was a true reflection of their passion and good taste (not to mention their inspiring love for God, each other, and their community).  Nada’s color palette–vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges–was absolutely stunning, and I loved all the unique Caleb and Nada-y details at their reception:  elephant teapots, paper birds kissing on top of their peach cobbler, and an old gramophone, to name a few.

My favorite aspect of this wedding was the eclectic fusion of cultures—it was Egyptian, Asheville granola, and deep South (they held their ceremony at the historic First Presbyterian Church in Augusta and the reception at the Old Medical College of Georgia—some of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever shot at for a wedding!)  I loved learning about Egyptian culture from Nada’s  extended family, which included henna painting, amaaaaaazing food, and exuberant “whooping” at just about any moment worth celebrating.  There was definitely no lack of excitement at this wedding.