Jess | Sundara Bridal Session

A week before the wedding of Jess Brenton and Zach Osborne, I drove up to Southwest Virginia to shoot Jess’ bridal portraits at Sundara.  Jess told me over the phone that the location had an apple orchard and a big red barn, so I was pretty excited to see the space and get inspired by the mountains.

I love shooting bridal portraits because it gives me a chance to get to know the bride better–or in Jess’ case, to catch up with a friend and have a photo adventure!  I laughed throughout the shoot because Jess kept asking me,  “tell me about Africa” or “tell me about Justin.”  At one point I had to say that I would tell her later over dinner because I needed her to smile at the camera and not ask me questions.  (I actually was able to answer her questions during the shoot).    Seriously though, it was really fun to talk to Jess and make some sweet photos with the fading mountain sunlight.