Ellie | Old Salem Bridal Session

I shot bridal portraits of fellow UNC alum Ellie Bucherati last week in Old Salem, N.C.  Ellie and I bonded the second week of freshmen year at UNC when we randomly met at the Student Union and commiserated with each other about how difficult the transition to college actually is.  She was a breath of fresh air for me six years ago, and she was the same during our shoot.  I had been having a pretty rough week, but after shooting with Ellie I felt high off of all the shared creativity, laughter, and good conversation.

I have shamelessly been watching reruns of America’s Next Top Model for the past week, and it really paid off during this shoot.  Ellie is a natural model–her mom even claims that she has been posing since birth!  (Ellie’s “smizes” would floor Tyra Banks herself). When Ellie asked me if it would be weird to do a bridal shoot in a graveyard, the ANTM-obsessed artist in me shouted, “HECK NO!”  Ellie was bending herself in all sorts of deliciously model-esque positions among tombstones and eerie cast iron gates, and I couldn’t keep the Top Model photographer in my head from shouting  “Girl, that is FIERCE!!!”   I’m pretty sure I squealed with delight and babbled a number of ridiculous, semi-coherent exclamations throughout the entire evening.