Anne + Alec | Durham Wedding

Anne and Alec got married at Beth El Synagogue in Durham.  I have never been inside a synagogue before or seen a Jewish marriage ceremony, so this was also extremely exciting for me.  The ceremonial customs were extremely beautiful and imbued with history and meaning–the signing of the Ketubah was one of my favorite parts.  Alec–an accomplished graphic designer and superb artist– spent months constructing it himself.  The ceremony itself was beautiful—I keep semi-joking with my boyfriend that if we ever get married I want a Jewish ceremony!

The reception was held at the Parizade, also in Durham.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed and welcomed at a wedding venue before—the manager greeted me and Stephen and showed us a private table (in a lovely air-conditioned room!) where we were free to download photos and eat cake.  And the party itself was AWESOME from the moment we arrived.  Stephen and I were both caught off guard after the first dance when the hora began, because everyone circled up and started yelling and clapping and surrounding us while kicking and screaming with joy.  The hora was really joyful—I was tempted to just put my camera down and join in the fun!  (Towards the end of the wedding I actually did this for a dance or two, thanks to Anne’s beckoning).

Big shout-out to Stephen Garret and Cana Collective for helping me out.  He is an amazing videographer and still shooter, and I had a great time shooting with him for the first time.  Many of his photos are included below.