Alex + Harrison | DIY Wedding | Columbia MO Wedding

This wedding turned out to be one of my absolute favorites of the year, and not just because I returned to my home state of Missouri or reconnected with my best friends from high school.

Alex and Harrison got hitched at Alex's grandmother's house—a fascinating home filled with all sorts of artwork, trinkets and treasures.  (Can I borrow it?)  Their outdoor ceremony was beautiful, sacred, and intimate.  They gave me ample time to frolic on the campus of Mizzou and photograph them in magic light, which I always love.    And their getaway vehicle, a convertible Ford Mustang, was sweeeeet!  (This lucky photog actually got a chance to drive it down country roads the next day).  Oh, and the funfetti cake had to be my favorite food item—such a smart idea!

What made this wedding special for me was I was truly surrounded by family.  I was sick as a dog the weeks leading up to it (African parasites!  Yay!), but it didn't matter because my childhood friends took care of me all day. I couldn’t drive because of my medication, so one of the groomsmen kindly drove me from St. Louis to Columbia and became my personal escort for the wedding day.  Emily and her sisters bought me all sorts of food (that they deemed “my special diet”) for the wedding and days after; the mother of groom (who used to be a nurse) expertly counseled me on my steps towards recovery; and guests jokingly called me “the parasite girl,” which was absolutely hilarious to me, and somewhat endearing.  It's because of this love that I shot so well!