Ami + Dave | Indian Wedding | Durham Convention Center

When I booked Ami+Dave's wedding back in May, I knew it was going to be the wedding of the year.  I devoted a whole week in September to shooting their fun wedding festivities, which included an intimate shoot in Duke Gardens, multiple henna parties, a small traditional family ceremony on Thursday, their Sangeet party, and then the wedding day itself---which was packed with emotion, beautiful rituals, amazing Indian music and food, and bright colors.  In other words, their wedding was a photographer's dream wedding!

The breadth and intimacy of Ami+Dave's wedding week coverage provided a unique wedding coverage experience for me.  I had really great conversations with their family and friends over a series of days, learned a ton about Ami's family's culture, and got to witness and photograph some really beautiful moments that I can't imagine seeing without spending so much time with them.  It was a privilege to feel like I wasn't just a witness to their family's celebration---I was a part of it!  I came home from each shoot feeling refreshed, as if I had spent quality time with my own family.  It was life-giving, to say the least, and reminded me of my college days when I would dive into a documentary project. 

Ami+Dave, thank you so much for inviting me to document your wedding celebration. You both have such bright spirits and bring joy to everyone you meet---I experienced that first-hand each day I shot with you.  I was truly touched by the toasts at your wedding, which made me cry (and I usually don't cry at weddings!).  I hope that these photos reflect the light that you bring to all and the love around you. And a big thanks to Justin Cook and Ted Richardson for shooting with me this week.